3 Things Marketers Don’t Tell You about Explainer Videos

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3 Things Marketers Don’t Tell You about Explainer Videos

If you ask a customer what motivates them to pick one company over the other, they’ll likely mention three things: Price, quality, and overall brand perception. While the two points are essential to take your brand to the next level, explainer videos can help you achieve the third. Many businesses can compete regarding quality and price. But it’s a challenging task to compete in terms of brand. And that’s where explainer videos can help. And that explains why you should include them in your marketing strategy. Explainer videos can increase your brand’s reputation in a matter of days. So any marketer who is concerned with your business marketing should be able to tell you so. However, there are other aspects of explainer videos that some marketers won’t tell you. Read them below:

A business website with explainer videos increases dwell time

Research shows that visitors spend two more minutes on a site with scintillating explainer videos. The aim of creating a website and posting content on it is to attract a ton of customers and get them to consume all of it. In other words, you want them to stay longer on your web pages. If your site doesn’t have explainer videos, it may not be possible. That’s because prospective customers these days want to watch a video explaining the product or service before they can buy it. Explainer videos on your site can help your business grow quickly.

Explainer videos can boost your conversions

We’ve seen earlier that explainer videos can increase your website’s dwell time.  Higher dwell time means customers are finding value in your products or services and they are more likely to buy. Also, dwell time a Google ranking factor, which means if people stay longer on your web pages, it’s an indication that your content offers value. Google likes quality content that provides value to customers. They will push up your site’s search engine ranking if they realize that people stay longer on your site. A higher ranking means higher organic traffic, which means higher possibilities for conversions.

Explainer videos can help turn random viewers into brand evangelists

If people like your product, they will not only buy it but also tell friends and family about it. And this can increase your sales. Explainer videos have all the characteristics (humorous, engaging, and entertaining) to motivate customers to take action and refer others to do so.


As a business owner, you must know everything that an explainer video can do for you. Not all marketers are the same. Some may lack information about explainer videos, and if you hire them, you might not get results. This knowledge will help you evaluate and get the right marketer for your explainer videos.

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