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Qualities Of The Best Explainer Videos

Introducing new products to the market for startups may be hectic, tiresome and annoying – as it may come up with a lot of disappoints especially when the products are not moving. But hey to every problem there must have a solution. Animated marketing videos have come through for many businesses across the world and [...]

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How to create a virtual reality video

Virtual reality is really getting hype nowadays because of the one-of-a-kind experience it is giving to its users. Adding to the hype are the available virtual reality videos that can be accessed using VR headsets. Sound interesting right? How can someone create a virtual reality video? Take note that making a virtual reality video is [...]

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3 Things Marketers Don’t Tell You about Explainer Videos

If you ask a customer what motivates them to pick one company over the other, they'll likely mention three things: Price, quality, and overall brand perception. While the two points are essential to take your brand to the next level, explainer videos can help you achieve the third. Many businesses can compete regarding quality and [...]

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Mistakes to Avoid To Succeed With Your Explainer Videos

Formulating a marketing strategy is one thing, but formulating a strong marketing strategy is another. An explainer video is one resource that can help you formulate a strong marketing strategy. An explainer video can strengthen your marketing strategy because it does many things at once; it educates, informs and entertains viewers in a persuasive, engaging [...]

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Production Process Of Customized Explainer Videos

It's easy to watch an animated explainer video and think that it's easy to make one. It's a daunting task to come up with a high-quality animated explainer video. In fact, a proper animated explainer video takes between 5-8 weeks. That's because a top-notch explainer video requires a complete team of professionals from producers, voiceover [...]

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