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How to create a virtual reality video

Virtual reality is really getting hype nowadays because of the one-of-a-kind experience it is giving to its users. Adding to the hype are the available virtual reality videos that can be accessed using VR headsets.

Sound interesting right? How can someone create a virtual reality video? Take note that making a virtual reality video is not as cheap and easy as you think. It is a lot expensive than making 3D animations, requires special equipment, and tons of patience. Here’s how you can create a virtual reality video;

  1. Purchase a Spherical Camera with 360-degree lens

For shooting a virtual reality, you will be needing a spherical camera with 360-degree lens. This kind of camera ranges from $400 up to $15,000. Facebook recently launched its own 360-degree lens camera that captures in VR video and is called Surround360. If you are into drones, you can also them to capture VR videos. Also, you’ll be needing tripods or Steadicams for a stable position.

  1. Use a Special Software for VR Videos

After shooting your video or environment, you need to put the footages together. This part is called the post-production and you will be needing to a special software so your footages will turn into a virtual reality. Professionally, you can use Adobe Premiere Pro as your editing program.

  1. Turn Them Into 3D Animation

3D animation provides better immersion and real feel experience. VR videos cannot be a virtual reality without the feeling of being in the real scenario. In order to do this, the video needs to be convincing, thus transforming the footages into 3D animation is a must. There are software programs you can use to make this possible. Those programs use 3a D scanner to catch real-world objects and transform them into virtual 3D models.

  1. Publish your VR Videos

Once settled with the editing, make sure your VR video is compatible with VR headsets. Export your video to websites such as Youtube or Facebook.

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