Mistakes to Avoid To Succeed With Your Explainer Videos

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Mistakes to Avoid To Succeed With Your Explainer Videos

Formulating a marketing strategy is one thing, but formulating a strong marketing strategy is another. An explainer video is one resource that can help you formulate a strong marketing strategy. An explainer video can strengthen your marketing strategy because it does many things at once; it educates, informs and entertains viewers in a persuasive, engaging and emotional way. But for an explainer video to accomplish those, it must be made in the right way. Otherwise, it will damage your brand’s reputation. So if you want to create explainer videos that fortify your marketing strategy and enhance your brand image and reputation, avoid the following mistakes:

Avoid creating explainer videos with no clear goal

Before creating explainer videos, you must have a goal to attain. You must answer the why of creating the explainer videos. Plus, the explainer videos must be able to solve your audience’s problems.

Avoid lengthy explainer videos

In the marketing world, length and engagement are critical aspects. In fact, they go hand in hand. Explainer videos are meant to be short, typically 90 seconds or less. So if you stretch out your explainer videos, it won’t be called an explainer video. It won’t attract a lot of views because people freak out when they see long videos.

Avoid writing mediocre scripts for your explainer videos

Script writing is one of the most vital stages of your explainer video production process. It’s the bedrock of your explainer video because it conveys your product message. A poorly written script will translate to a poor explainer video. If you don’t have the skills to come up with a witty script, you better hire an expert scriptwriter.

Avoid producing explainer videos with bad audio

Audio is the most crucial aspect of your explainer video. With bad audio, nobody can watch your explainer videos. Elements of audio in your explainer video include voiceover, background music, and sound effects. Make sure you get it right if you hope to see your explainer video make any impact.

Avoid making bad quality explainer videos

Quality is the currency when it comes to videos in this day and age. Bad quality explainer videos will be frowned upon. That’s why it a good idea to let a professional video production company create your explainer videos.


With so much competition in today’s business environment, you can’t afford to make mistakes when producing your explainer videos. Know that your competitors are using every available resource to hire the best video production company to create their explainer videos. To compete with them, you must do the same and avoid these mistakes.

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